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In commemorating the life of Mr Raymond Boyle this photograph and a visual field test image is followed by two collages relating to the lead up to his death. A night-time photograph with audio recordings concludes the sequence to show that what happened to Mr Boyle could happen to you or me.

Woman in her sixties with grey-blond shoulder-length hair seated on a bench.

Seated on a bench alongside the River Cam on Jesus Green, situated in the historic centre of Cambridge, England, my friend Mel was sharing her recollection of the attack on Mr Boyle. I have walked past here on numerous occasions. Sight deterioration is making me aware that I no longer see to be able to react in time to a situation if necessary. Explaining this slowness makes me feel inadequate and sensitive to the vulnerability of others. Beneath this photograph are two copies of the same photo side-by-side that have been adapted showing my fractured sight in both my left and right eye. Included is an image of the diagrams from my left and right eye visual field tests illustrates the areas where the retina is damaged.
© Karren Visser. Sight Lines, Arts Council England funded, 2021–22.

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© Karren Visser. Sight Lines, funded by Arts Council England, 2021 – 22.