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Night scene of river with spot-lit Victorian hotel beyond row of trees and parked cars opposite.

I wished to convey the sense of freedom felt walking alone in the dark on the pathway alongside the River Cam before my sight deteriorated, mixed with unease after learning from Mel about Mr Raymond Boyle’s death in the early hours of 22 June 2011. We were near the park bench where she had sat on a previous occasion talking about her role in the investigation when I made this photograph the night of Sunday 22 August 2021. Mel explained that river diatoms found in Mr Boyle’s lungs provided the evidence that he was alive when rolled into the water.
© Karren Visser. Sight Lines, Arts Council England funded, 2021–22.

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© Karren Visser. Sight Lines, funded by Arts Council England, 2021 – 22.